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Professor Michele Samaja of the University of Milan, Italy, came to our university for an exchange visit
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From April 26 to 27, 2016, Professor Michele Samaja, a biochemistry expert at the Medical College of the University 

of Milan, Italy, and his assistant Dr. Ilaria Vannini Parenti made an academic visit to our university. On the 

morning of the 26th, President Lu Chuanzhu met in the second small conference room and welcomed Professor Samaja and 

his assistant Dr. Vannini Parenti to exchange views on how to establish inter-school cooperation and exchanges 

between the two schools. Subsequently, Professor Michele Samaja and his assistant Dr. Ilaria Vannini Parenti 

participated in a symposium chaired by Vice-President Zeng Yu, which was attended by the leaders of our school's 

magazine, research department, Institute of International Education, affiliated hospitals and agricultural 

reclamation hospitals, as well as experts and scholars in biochemistry, cardiovascular, oncology and other fields. 

The two sides gave a comprehensive introduction to their respective schools, and discussed in depth how the two 

schools cooperate in scientific research and exchange programs for foreign students. Accompanied by the staff of the 

magazine, Professor Michele Samaja and his assistant visited the school history hall and the safety evaluation 

center. They were deeply impressed by the school's history, rigorous scientific attitude, perfect hardware 

facilities, good style of study and unique tropical campus scenery.


On the afternoon of the 26th, Professor Samaja gave a lecture on "Progress and Report on Myocardial Protection, 

Hypoxia and Oxygen Carriers" to the teachers and students of our university. After the lecture, we warmly responded 

to the lecture. After that, we exchanged and communicated with the professor on academic issues. Vice President Zeng 

Yu personally awarded the appointment of visiting professors to our university.


On the 27th, Professor Samaja visited the First Affiliated Hospital for exchanges. President Li Li, Vice-President 

Hao Xinbao, He Qiyi and other experts from other major departments participated in the symposium. President Li 

presided over the meeting. The two sides discussed in depth the possible cooperation projects and research 

directions. After the meeting, the professor visited the Department of Oncology Medicine of the Affiliated Hospital. 


Professor Michele Samaja is currently a professor of Biochemistry at the Medical College of the University of Milan, 

Italy, and a supervisor of doctoral students in molecular medicine. At the same time, he served as the examiner of 

the Italian Association of Vascular Research and a member of the Medical College Course Evaluation and Quality 

Committee. He has published more than 150 academic papers, 3 patents and 11 editions in major international academic 

journals. As a messenger and bridge between our university and Milan University, Professor's visit will promote 

cooperation between the two universities in teaching, scientific research and journal development, and promote 

exchanges and cooperation between our university and European universities.



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