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Journal of Hainan Medical University has been consecutively listed in Chinese Core Journals (Source Journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations)
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According to the data released by Chinese S&T Journal Citation Reports (Core Journals) on 19th November 2019 revealed by Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China, there are 56 journals of national colleges and universities listed in Core Journals, among which Journal of Hainan Medical University ranks the first with its citation frequency of core journals reaching 2 745 times, general score of 73.2 ranking the second and the core impact factor of 0.912 ranking the seventh.

    Journal of Hainan Medical University adheres to a development road of prioritizing the academic quality, utilizing its advantages to better the Journal with an open manner. For years, the Journal has witnessed the qualities in academics, editing and publication being improved continuously, which cannot be achieved by the joint effort made by its editorial members, experts, authors and readers. The Journal will continuously develop itself to be a global and high-level academic journal with its objectives and missions, continue to strengthen its influence at home and abroad, and make remarkable achievements to be the highlights in the process of projecting doctoral stations and changing name of Hainan Medical University. 



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