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“Sharing and Building”— Forums and symposiums strengthening the academic power of SCI-indexed journals
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The 4th Asian-Pacific International Emergency Forum cum 2019 Emergency Academic Annual Meeting of Medical Professional Committee of Hainan Medical Association and 2019 Annual Academic Meeting has been held in Haikou from 29th November to 1st December 2019.

At the time when numerous academic findings have been exchanged, Hainan Medical University Press, as one of the co-organizer, has invited experts and professors of famous Journals and editorial board to conduct series of forums and seminars on which people have shared their experience and academic fruits for the future development of the SCI-indexed Journals.


Serial activity 1: Lecture by Dr. Zhou Yingzhi, the senior editor and deputy director of Shandong University Scientific Journal Press


On the morning of 29th November, Dr. Zhou Yingzhi visited HMU Press and gave a presentation on how to deal with the statistics in reviewing the manuscripts. Dr. Zhou is the Ph.D of medical sciences and Postdoctoral Research Fellow of Applied Economics, the member of Standing Committee member of Editing and Writing Committee of “The blue book of Chinese Scientific Journal Development”, Standing Committee member of Medical Journals Committee of China University Sci-Tech Journals Research Association, and also a reviewer contributing many journals with his solid statistical knowledge and rich reviewing experience. During the presentation, Dr. Zhou adopted, many real examples to elaborate the statistical requirements, common problems and solutions in manuscript, and he also answered the questions from our editors for whom they all considered the Dr. Zhou’s giving very useful and guiding the editing work a lot.



    Serial activity 2: Lecture by Prof. Zhang Yuehon, former Editor-in-chief of Zhejiang University Journal (English edition)


On the afternoon of 29th November 2019, the former Editor-in-chief of Zhejiang University Journal (English Edition) paid a visit to the HMU Press and gave a presentation to the whole Press member titled “Three questions to ask ourselves before writing an article for SCI journal”. Prof. Zhang has shared her rich experiences on building a journal and emphasizing the importance of utilizing the new media and open access databases. This symposium has greatly motivated the editors, expanded their vision and further developed their awareness of academic honesty and medical ethics.




    Serial activity 3: SCI workshop in Asia-Pacific International Emergency Forum


The whole editorial staff have participated in the 4th Asia-Pacific International Emergency Forum from 30th November to 1st December, 2019.




Hosted by HMU Press, the sub-forum“SCI workshop”has invited Dr. Bo Cui (Executive Editor-in-Chief of HMU Press), Dr. Zhou Yingzhi (Deputy Director of Shandon University Scientific Journal), Prof. Zhang (Former executive Editor-in-chief of Zhejiang University Journal (English Edition), and Dr. Xiaoxu Yin (Associate Professor of School of Public Health, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology) to share with the audiences their academic vision, rigorous academic attitude, rich writing experience and meaningful case studies, feeding the audiences with a all-dimensional and high-level academic feast. This sub-form has greatly inspired the audiences including all the editors to start their paper writing.






    Serial activity 4:


On the afternoon of 2nd December, Dr. Adrian Angel Inchauspe, the international editorial board member of HMU Press, the member of Scientific Association of Argentina and the Medical Specialist from National University of La Plata who is also our old friend, Argentina. Mr. Inchauspe had brought his new book and gifts with distinctive localities to the Dr. Bo Cui, and shared with editors his latest six research findings. The symposium has seen a harmonious atmosphere, a close bond and fruitful academic exchanges between both sides.


Serial activity 5


On the morning of 5th December 2019, Prof. Heinz Mehihorn from University of Dusseldorf, the Editor-in-Chief of Parasitology Research, has given a lecture titled “Hints and requirements for the publication of scientific results”in the library, after which he has paid a visit to the Press where he discussed and exchanged thoughts with editors on the model of running the Press, the philosophy of building a journal as well as the communication with authors. 




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